“The ‘Lets see what happens’ Mindset.”

When faced with an unknown about the future, or a pending event or uncertainty, people who aren’t prone to excessive anxiety don’t typically become embroiled in what if thoughts and catastrophizing.  Everyone worries to some extent. But it’s one thing to worry about specific concerns and planning ahead and entirely another to begin creating stories, [...]

What are safety seeking behaviors and how do they perpetuate fear and anxiety?

Often persons dealing with anxiety or phobias practice behaviors such as avoidance or rituals that help them to feel safer. Unfortunately this “safety seeking behaviors” may feel better for the moment, but in the long run only serve to reinforce the idea that they cannot tolerate the feared situation or event. The message they give [...]

What Is Hypnosis?

Treating Anxiety - Why Clinical Hypnosis? Seeing a Clinical Hypnotherapist is like seeing a personal trainer for your mind.  It can be very effective for the treatment of anxiety disorders.  The actual state of anxiety is much like a trance state or the state that persons achieve in hypnosis.  It is a very focused and [...]

Anxiety Information and Treatment

Chances are some have had a smoke alarm that is too sensitive. Every time you take a hot shower, boil some water or toast some bread the thing goes off as if there was a pending three alarm fire. Some are tempted to remove the battery, and then forget to put it back while others [...]