Clinical Hypnosis

We all have ideas about what hypnosis is based on information from movies, TV, or stage hypnosis shows. Maybe we’ve heard about or hired a hypnotist to quit smoking or lose weight.   They read a script while playing music or a metronome and after provide a tape or cd to “reinforce” the experience.   For most the idea of hypnosis may seem a bit mysterious, magical or unusual, not knowing what it is or what really happens during hypnosis.   Fortunately more and more individuals are becoming aware of the benefits of modern day Clinical Hypnosis as used by Health Care professionals such as licensed Physicians, Psychologists, Counselors, LPN’s and Social Workers.

Licensed Professional Health care workers are trained in a variety of skills, approaches or techniques to help others. Clinical Hypnosis is one of those approaches that can be part of a professionals “toolbox.” For instance a psychotherapist trained in clinical hypnosis uses it in an individualized way to help the person achieve goals in therapy. It is not something the professional does to the person but with the person in a collaborative way. Modern day brain imaging has shown specific areas of the brain to be activated and deactivated in individuals in the hypnotic state and research has suggested it has very real benefits.  For more information about modern day hypnosis see the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis website at or go the resources page of this website for additional links.