Payment Options and Insurance

I am a provider with a variety of insurance providers including:

American Behavioral
Hudson Health
Value Options

I am also a provider for the Aetna and First Choice EAP programs. 

Please contact your insurance company prior to your visit to ensure the extent of your coverage.  Check to see if you have a deductible and if your plan covers outpatient behavioral health services.  There may also be limits as to how many visits are covered per calendar year.   If I don’t take your insurance ask them if they reimburse for my services as an out of network provider.  If you are seeking my services as an out of  network provider clients are expected to pay the fee upfront.  As a courtesy I will submit a claim so that the client will be reimbursed a portion of the fee.  Clients are responsible for any charges or copays not covered at the time of the visit.